What Is a Dog Grooming Tub? How to Choose the Right One for You

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There are three kinds of people in the world: people who love dogs, people who hate dogs, and people who are indifferent toward dogs. 

A dirty, smelly dog can turn a dog-neutral person into a dog hater. 

If you want the world to love dogs as much as you do, then you’ll keep your dog clean and fresh. Keep reading to learn about the types of dog wash tubs out there and how to find the right tub for your needs. 

Dog Wash Tubs

Approximately half the households in the United States own a pet. This means half the households need a way to keep their animals clean. Dog bathtubs allow canine owners the option of not using their made-for-humans tubs. 

Whether you’re setting up a self-service dog wash shop, washing your dog at home, or considering financing a commercial dog washing station, dog grooming tubs will form the foundation of your decision. 

If you grew up washing your dog in your bathtub at home, you have more options now. Also, if you want to make bathing your dog an experience that both you and the dog enjoy and not just a dreaded chore, you need a dog bathtub. 

The correct tub will also allow the untrained eye to give your dog a general health check as you groom him or her. Plus, the tub can make the pet feel secure while you go about your grooming business. 

Once you begin the search for a dog bathtub, though, you will quickly discover you have options and elements to consider. 


Design matters when looking at a tub. In particular, you need the right-sized tub and a tub you can use easily. If your tub is not the right size or not easy to use, then you’ll find yourself with a dust collector in the corner of the garage rather than a tool to make your dog’s life better. 

Not every dog wash tub looks the same. They typically come in either a rectangular or oblong design. 

The best dog bathtubs have an entry at one end with stairs or a ramp leading to it. The entry typically has a door that swings open so the pet has to just step over the lip of the tub. You should not have to lift a pet over the side of the tub.

The entry door will have a seal that allows you to fill the tub with water higher than the lip of the entry. This design is perfect for any pet from the rambunctious one-year-old retriever to the geriatric poodle who can barely step over the lip. 

Dog bathing tubs come in all sizes. The tub you purchase should depend primarily on the size of your dog. Look at your dog’s potential height and weight, and then get a tub where the dog can move around. 

You want a tub high enough so your canine cannot escape. You also need a tub high enough to fill with an adequate amount of water to bathe your animal. 

The size of your tub has the potential to ease a dog’s bathing fears if your dog hates bath time. Dog experts recommend trying to make bath time fun by using toys and making bathtime a playtime as well. 

If you want to make the bath fun, have enough room for the dog to move around and swim a little.  


Your tub needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Find a tub with adequate drainage for the muck and dog hair that will accumulate when you bathe your dog. 

If you’re opening a commercial dog wash, drainage matters. You should look for tubs with removable backsplashes and sides as well as a removable floor grate. Make sure our drainage hose is long enough and big enough to handle the drainage needed from a dog bathing tub. 


The material of your dog grooming tub matters. You need something durable enough to handle the wear and tear dogs can put on a tub. 

Dog bathtubs come in a variety of materials from stainless steel to corrugated metal to synthetics like polypropylene. Plastic, stainless steel, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic are the most common materials you will find for dog tubs. 

You want a dog bathtub specifically because of the design and the material. The material will outlast a basic Rubbermaid container. Manufacturers design dog tubs to hold water, so they do not leak as easily as a basic big container you may be tempted to purchase instead of a dog-specific tub. 

Stainless steel tubs are the highest quality material for a dog grooming tub. They’re also the most expensive. If you have a dog grooming business or a self-serving dog wash business, you want a heavy-duty stainless steel tub or a heavy-duty polymer propylene tub.  

User-Friendly Dog Grooming Tubs

You have enough hard things and chores in life to add one more to the list. The right dog grooming tub can make bathing your dog a fun experience and not one more thing to dread in your day. 

Look for a specialized dog grooming tub and not just a big tub that can hold your dog. You want a tub your dog can step into and out of without a hassle.

Consider a tub for the duration of your dog’s life. Just because your dog can jump a fence now does not mean he’ll have the same limberness in ten years. 

Dog grooming tubs are typically high enough to keep your dog in but low enough for you to reach down and scrub your pup. 

Look for a tub with a drain kit that allows for easy drainage after scrubbing the muck off your dog. You want a drain kit that catches solids just in case you’re pulling chunks of mud off your dog. 

Dog Tub Amenities

Great dog grooming tub kits consist of more than a tub. They have amenities that make them perfect for grooming a dog. 

You need a stainless steel shampoo rack to keep your soaps and shampoos in place. Make sure you use the right shampoo for your dog. Human shampoos do not have the right pH for a dog’s skin and leave your dog’s skin susceptible to bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

You also need a hose and sprayer to make cleaning your dog easier. The sprayer allows you to fully saturate your dog’s coat and get the undercoat. 

Make sure the drainage hose on the tub is long enough. Look for a tub with a minimal six-foot drainage hose so you can reach the floor drain. 

A good grooming tub will offer the option of grooming loops. Grooming loops keep your dog in place so you can focus on cleaning the dogs. Look for a grooming loop that is short enough to keep your dog in place. 

You will also have the option of a mobile or a fixed tub. If you have the space for it, purchase a fixed tub. 

A fixed tub works well if you are planning on starting a dog grooming business or a self-service dog wash. Mobile tubs work well for home use so you can stow them away when you’re done grooming your dog. 

What Does a Pet Tub Cost? 

Dog tubs vary in price just as much as regular bathtubs. A basic dog wash sink can cost you as little as $50. These sinks work bed for tiny breeds.

A full-on dog grooming tub with all of the extras that make dog grooming easier can cost up to $1,500.

If you’re planning on starting a dog wash business, start with the big, heavy-duty tubs. You want something that can withstand the wear and tear of multiple dogs a day. You can add to your fleet of tubs by including smaller tubs for toy breeds.

The Cost of Time

Dog washing costs more than money, though. When you take the time to wash your dog with the right equipment, you spend time grooming your dog. 

If you have the finances and love, look for a tub big enough for your dog to swim in with some toys. When you begin to treat your dog like a member of the family, your dog knows it and responds positively. You’d let your child play in the tub, so why not your dog. 

The right dog tub can also save you time. If you have the proper drainage system in place, you’ll save yourself significant cleanup and wash time.

Once you have the right amenities for your dog tub, dog bathing becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure that you want to tackle regularly. Plus, you end up with a great smelling dog. 

A Clean Dog, Happy Owner

No one is arguing that you shouldn’t wash your dog. The basic chore of giving your dog a bath can transform into a pleasant experience with the right tools. A dog grooming tub forms the foundation of this experience. 

Take the time to research the perfect dog wash tubs and find one that fits your budget, dog, and desires. 

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