The Perfect Walk-in Dog-Grooming Tubs

The dog can just be walked straight into and out of the tub and not have to be lifted

The Perfect Walk-in Dog-Grooming Tubs

Have you been struggling when grooming your pooch? Of course, one of the major challenges that many people encounter is that they have to lift their dog into and out of the tub before and after washing it.

Probably, if you are in this category, you will understand that it can be such a daunting process. Most of the big dogs don’t want to be washed. While lifting them from or into the washtub, they put up such a struggle that leaves you all wet. If you have been experiencing this problem, then I have good news!

Introducing our new walk-in pet bathtubs, that will provide the perfect and lasting solution to your pet grooming needs. Not only are they designed to make sure you walk your pet into the tub, but also provide restrictions to the animal, thereby minimizing movements and keeping them comfortable.

Why should you go for our Walk-in Dog-Grooming Tubs?

At our organization, we believe in quality and reliability. We understand your pet means so much to you that is why we have made it our life purpose to make sure they are safe and clean.

Did you know that one out ten dogs are injured during the grooming? Moving/struggling animals are in danger of hurting themselves in the process—not the nicest fact to know.

At our organization, we know this and strive every day to integrate the best and the newest designs of washing tub that will always keep your pet safe.

With that in mind, let us look at the benefits of our walk-in dog-grooming tubs.

  • Manageable Size– First let me debunk the myth that walk-in dog grooming tubs are so large that they will take a big space of your bathroom. Notably, Competitors who have not yet upgraded to the latest designs, orchestrate these rumors. Our tubs are 26 Inches on the inside and 30 inches on the outside, which we will all have to agree, it’s the right size. User-Friendly– Our tubs are easy to use and install. You do not need to go for advanced plumbing options to install them. Safe– As we have mentioned earlier, the last thing anybody wants, is to take his pet to the vet due to grooming-related injuries. That is why our walk-in dog-grooming tubs integrate a non-slip bottom to keep your pooch safe. Additionally, they are just the right size and mounted with restrains to minimize the movement of your pet, as it is the major cause of accidents and injuries. Reduces the work– With this washtubs, you will have to forget the hassle of lifting your pet into and from the tub. This does not only make cleaning your pet easier but also enjoyable. Customization– Different breeds of dogs vary in sizes. Importantly, the owner of the pets come in different body sizes and heights. Most of our competitors, don’t understand this. At our organization, we have highly customized tubs to suit different body and pet sizes. Therefore, whether you are looking for a tub for your large dog then you have come to the right place. Affordable prices– Our bath tubs come at unbeatable prices. Our paralleled commitment to providing the best walk-in pet-grooming tubs at affordable prices is unmatchable.

Therefore, if you own a doggie daycare, a groomer, or embrace self-service dog washes, at our organization we have your back.

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