Dog Wash Tubs for Self Serve Dog Wash

Dog Wash Tubs for Self Serve Dog Wash

with our Dog Wash Tubs!

  • Your business will be styling
  • Looking the best!
  • This is Dog Wash Tub for the professional self-service dog wash.
  • Many color choices in Granite coat like Sand, Ocean Blue, Fashion Gray, and many more!
  • Comfortable and Durable!

Build your dog wash tubs station raised at several different heights.

  • By building at different heights allows customers to wash their dogs without the need of bending the back. Set one tub’s height at 2 inches taller from the other tubs for that extra tall person. They will greatly appreciate that tremendously and will be patriot of your shop for their needs.
  • Our 3 inch drop down allows for the shorter crowd to enjoy washing their little furry companion.

This is about comfort for your customers washing their pet in the dog wash tubs.

  • Making the effort to accommodate the customer’s comfort.
  • Hearing the results how pleasant it is to finally wash their pet without feeling the discomfort.

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