Dog Grooming Tubs Style and Comfort

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Our DogTubs™ is the perfect dog grooming tubs for a self-service dog wash. The  DogTubs™ are the best dog grooming tubs is easy on your back while grooming your pets, we have said it many times over.

This is the reason we invented back saving dog wash tubs.

We have the answer for back saving wash tubs that others claim

Our style, just look at it. It’s comfortable and stylish! Not a cold and noisy stainless steel dog grooming tub that looks like it should be place in a back room. When a customer opens the door or looks in through the windows, and they will! K9 DogTubs™ are the main attraction to all self-service dog wash shops.

Why go with stainless steel when you can have the best back saving dog grooming tubs the original DogTubs™. You can customized your base for our DogTubs™ dog tubs to fit you needs and comfort. We designed a 3 inch drop-down on right-hand washer and still deep enough to wash any size dog. Our DogTubs™ grooming tubs is 20″ deep, 24″ inside and 30″ outside wide, 60″ long.

Why go with stainless steel dog grooming tubs is not necessarily the greatest, most are cold, look the same. Placed up against the wall, and that only person can wash their pet and this doesn’t have two side like ours. Our dog tubs, can be placed up against a wall option. With DogTubs™, two people can wash their pet, and be comfortable.  The drop-down side is great for even kids involved washing their dog. I have wash my dogs in many different styles and I have always thought there should be a better way of doing this and not so hard my back. I hope that you can image, and hear what your customers will say. I know that they will like it and more!