Commercial Dog Washing Stations for Pets

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Dog Washing Stations for Pets

Our pet washing stations has two sides to wash a dog; left side is 3 inches lowered making it easy and convenient for kids that want to wash their family dog. The idea came from my girlfriend; she is 5’4, and she wanted something her height but this also useable for taller people like me at 6’0.

The dog or pet enters the front of the pet wash, note: should always have leashes to tie them in to prevent jumping out. Be careful of the length, this should be short and hooked at two points to the wall and third point to attach the dog.  Also another recommendation is a suction cup and tether restraints secures animal in the commercial pet wash station at the serve dog wash.

Going to the pet wash should be exciting for the dog owners, a wash system that has easy access for their dog to enter, unlike the stainless steel tub where you have to lift your dog in or lousy ramp like they provide, dogs are not used to ramps and this can be dangerous when your fur baby leaves to jump out. Pet owners will be glad of your choice of tubs instead of stainless steel tub.