The Best Dog Bath Tubs

The challenges of caring for a dog involves doing things that your pet does not like such as giving them a bath. First of all, you need to keep your pet safe by securing him or her into the tub by the tie-outs, this helps you on bathing your dog without stress and worries. High quality and perfect dog grooming tub for dog owners and professional groomers. Our one piece tub is easy to clean fiberglass not the stainless steel that dulls over time with water and soap, our tubs are easy to buff and looks new like new. Pet grooming a large dog and pet grooming for a small dog is much easier do to the access and reach within the tub, also plenty of room for the big dogs like Great Danes!

The key feature of our tubs is ability to have it up against the wall or inline from the wall and also, setting up the desired height which most stainless steel tubs don’t have!